Trouble at Work

potters handsWork sessions help you get unstuck. I’ll provide a fresh look at the situation you’re facing. Inside each  situation lies the key to moving forward. I’ll uncover that key and provide practical ways to apply it – ways that work.

We’ll air your concerns and feelings around your situation. We’ll focus on what your gut is telling you.

When I identify a belief that seems to be blocking your forward motion, I will help you replace it with a new belief – one that empowers you to move forward.

What kinds of issues are appropriate for our work sessions? What kinds of issues affect work? Let’s make a list to get us started thinking:

  • Am I doing the work I love?
  • Am I doing my best work?
  • Am I doing good work?
  • Is my work appreciated?
  • Is my work understood?
  • Am I happy when I’m working?
  • Am I happier when I’m not working?
  • Am I getting along with my coworkers?
  • Am I getting along with my subordinates?
  • Am I getting along with my supervisors?
  • Am I getting along with my customers?
  • Is my work fulfilling?
  • Am I making a difference?
  • Am I fairly compensated for my work?
  • Am I fully competent in my work?
  • Is the situation around me changing?
  • Am I changing?
  • Do I bring my work home?
  • Does my work affect those around me?
  • Does my work affect my life away from work?
  • Is there anything I would change about my work?
  • Is there something about my work that I can’t stand?

Email Work Sessions

These are yes-no questions. They will help you get started. Each one opens realms filled with issues and opportunities, blocks and beliefs to explore.

Here’s the big question: Where’s the joy in my work?