foxglovesWhile reading Eliot Cowan’s book “Plant Spirit Medicine,” I was led to experiment with expanding the connection I was already enjoying with plant spirits in my garden to include my own healing. The results were immediate and undeniable. It’s been a long journey since those first successful experiments – much learning – much healing. The plant spirits tell me they are eager to begin working through me in order to help you.

The idea of plant spirit medicine is simple. In Cowan’s words: “There is only one active ingredient in plant medicine – friendship. A plant spirit heals a patient as a favor to its friend-in-dreaming, the doctor.” I serve as the intermediary between you and the plant spirits waiting to heal you.

Plants provide not only for our physical needs, but also heal our hearts and souls. They bring us into the blessings of their union with nature. They can do nothing unless they are asked. We have to know the right questions and the right way to ask them. I’ll find the right questions and do the asking on your behalf.

Plant spirit medicine does not diagnose or treat illness. This healing is about accessing what’s up for your heart and soul today that’s crying for attention, and then matching that need with the plant spirit who will open the door to your healing. This healing strikes at the core of your trouble – the stuff that’s been hanging around and messing up your life over and over until it will not be ignorred.

Treatments take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour or more. There are no “side effects.” When we are done with a treatment, you may notice effects instantly and over the next few days as your soul begins to heal, and your body, mind, and emotions adjust. Bring your most difficult issues and see what plant spirit medicine has to offer.