Healing Your Child

Dear Moms,

I’m looking forward to meeting you in person. I know we’ve been brought together for your healing. I’ll help you in healing your child.

When we meet, after we get settled, I’ll ask you about what’s troubling you. I’ll want to hear about your child – what you think is the matter – what you’ve done about it – how that’s worked for you. I’ll ask you if you have any ideas about what to do next. Btw, I’ll want to hear about how this is effecting you as well – how you feel about it – how you are coping.

Then we’ll get quiet for a few moments. I’ll connect with the spirit realm and see what insights are waiting for us. There’s a message in your trouble and your child’s trouble. I’ll look for guidance to see into this message.

I’ll tell you what I’m receiving and we’ll see how that resonates with you. We’ll talk about the messages and as we do, your idea about your trouble will start to move. You’ll begin to see it differently. This is an important step. Now there’s space for something new to emerge.

We’ll keep working out the message until we think we understand it. Then we’ll get quiet again and I will ask for guidance about what we’re to do next.

I’ll tell you what I’m getting and we’ll follow the guidance together. This guidance will usually be some form of healing exercise – something we can do together so you’re able to do it on your own later. Something that helps you move into a more positive future with your child.

By the time we finish, you’ll feel much better about your situation – and your child’s. You’ll feel empowered and be in action. I’ll be available to you whenever you get stuck again. You may need to reinforce or learn more about the message and the action you’re taking. Or something new may show up for you or your child. Being a great mother is a life-long commitment to loving, caring, and learning. The work we do together will enliven and enrich your life with your child.

We were brought together for a reason – you, your child, and me. I want to support you in being the best mom you can be. Everyone will be better for it!

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