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Ok, let’s talk modalities.

Over the years, I’ve been led to study and practice – briefly at least – more than two dozen modalities. Now, I draw upon my learning as needed to suit each unique healing opportunity. Here’s what it mainly looks like:

I call upon spirits to help with guidance, messages, and direct healing. These spirits include plant and animal spirits, crystal spirits, ancestors, deceased human spirits, and angels.

I learned to move energy with my intention, so I do that.

I communicate directly with the energy of the trouble to find out why it is showing up for you, what it needs, and how to dispense with it.

I listen to your stories. In there I find symbols and metaphors and other clues about your trouble. I may challenge your version of what happened – your story – and I may offer a substitute version or tell my story around the same trouble. Together we heal your dysfunctional stories.

I challenge your beliefs. I don’t trouble you about what you believe, but when a belief is blocking you, I take it on. I may try to show you why it doesn’t work and why it isn’t true, and I may offer an alternate belief of beliefs for you to try.

I use symbols in creative ways to provide tools to help you heal.

I use guided meditation to help you get to peace, and to open connections with spirits here to assist you.

I connect you directly with Nature. Nature has a plan for your healing.

All of this represents my own version of shamanism.

Most powerful of all, I Am love. I love you. I bless you. And I am grateful for and to you.


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