How Does it Work?

Every session is different. Every person is different. Every trouble is different. Every day is different. I bring my full bag of tools, moving with the flow and the field into a resolution for you today.

First, we find out what’s up for you today. What’s bugging you. What’s on your mind. It’s troubling you for a reason – it needs your attention today. And mine.

Then I’ll contact the Spirit world for guidance. Where is this trouble is coming from? What’s going on with you today that’s brought this trouble to the surface?

When has this happened to you before? What’s the history of this trouble?

I’ll begin bringing new information for you. New ways to see the pattern. Ways to see the message in it for you. This new information will begin to shake you out of the blocks and stuckness around your trouble – it will begin opening your eyes to other ways to SEE your trouble.

Then we’ll reduce the message in your trouble to words – powerful words that accurately describe what’s so for you NOW.

Next, we need to figure out what to do about it. You may already have some great ideas. We can refine those together. If not, I’ll make suggestions. We’ll work on those together. Our goal is for you to leave our session charged up, in action, and seeing your situation with new eyes.

Part of that action is to heal the energy around your trouble. After I take care of that,  I’ll show you something you can use the next time a trouble comes – because it probably will. The tools I teach can be helpful for other situations too. It’s up to you.

We’ll practice the techniques you need today so that you know you can do the work yourself. It may take practice, but you will know it’s within your grasp. You’ll take this power along with you when you leave our session.

So, sessions are about identifying the trouble that’s up for healing today. The message for you in the trouble. Seeing the trouble and the message in new ways. Healing the cause of the trouble. Learning and practicing healing tools to help you ground the message. And walking away charged up and in action with a plan and tools in hand.