Your path to awakening

From my holiness I see my brothers and sisters moving along your unique individual path to awakening. Awakening results in a reunification of Soul – body, mind, and spirit as I AM.

Along our paths, we find much work to be done. Much remembering. When we engage with this work we move forward. Not always a smooth ride.

When we deny or divert from this work, we are stuck. Never a smooth ride!

My work as a healer is to help you get unstuck and back on the path of awakening. This healing works best if you see your life as I do.

When you feel a strong desire to move toward freedom and truth, I can help.


We’re all stuck. More stuck than we realize. And here’s why: we’ve all been hurt. We’re all in action to stop ourself from being hurt again.

These actions run a wide range – from diversion to denial to fear. And beyond. We are addicted to the actions we use to keep the pain away.

It’s not surprising that these addictions themselves lead to pain. So, we are stuck in the pain of the addictions we use to keep pain away. That’s pretty stuck!

But, there is another way.

Since we’re in pain anyway, why not look at it? Why not take a stab at really seeing it? Why not see if we can make that pain go away?

If we can address the original pain, we can let go of the addictions that keep us stuck.

This is healing.


The strongest force in the universe is Love. Just happens to be a healing force too.

How can you bring Love to your healing today?

Be quiet – always the first step!

Connect with the part of yourself that needs healing attention now. That could be a body part or system – a mental or emotional issue – a situation – or another person causing you trouble. Ask for the connection. Say, I call for an open and clear connection to the big toe nail on my left foot.

When you feel it’s there, say aloud or silently, I LOVE YOU!

You are directing the full force of Love energy to the point of trouble. Believe me: I works!

Then say thank you: Thank you for this gift of healing!

This is energy medicine at it’s simplest, most effective level. Voila!


I’m glad you’re here! We don’t know if we’ll be working together yet – or how – but this could help you decide to be done with being stuck. I’m glad for you!

I like helping people – particularly helping them get unstuck. If you’re like me – even a little bit – you find yourself stuck a lot. So much in our past is about reliving old patterns that keep playing and replaying to show us how we’re stuck. I’m here to help you see your situation in a new way – a way that will help you move forward.

There’s a lot in my work that has been called healing. Some call it reading. Or coaching. Or counseling. I don’t know what to call it. So I was guided to use “Soul Repair Coach” to describe it.

I think of “soul” as all of you – all the parts and pieces – from your physical parts and pieces right up to your divine self. When all your parts and pieces are themselves whole and functioning well, you are whole and functioning well. When something is amiss, or out of alignment, trouble shows up in your situation. That’s what I’m here to help you with.

When we experience NOW as a unified whole US, that’s pretty cool!