How to Begin Again

How to Begin Again

Here’s a process/ritual I call Soul Restore. The name comes from the 23rd Psalm – the bit “He restoreth my soul.” In this ritual, you only have two important parts to play – God does the rest.

Step one is to find an absolutely quiet, undisturbable sacred space. No interruptions. Then get quiet – as quiet as you can.

Your first action is to surrender everything to God. I mean everything. Everything that comes into your mind – big or small – old or young – idea or belief – thought or feeling – plan or desire – all are given to God. See in your mind this giving – this handing over completely. When you feel you are empty, wait. More will come. Give that too.

One thing you can surrender is your surrender. Allow God to run this ritual. Ask God to manage your surrender.

When you feel empty – really empty – wait. All of the old is being sucked out of you. Allow it to go.

At some point, you feel an urge to move forward. Don’t. Be patient. Allow the universe to work its magic in you. Wait until your waiting feels complete.

Then begin loving yourself. Say “I love myself.” Over and over. And say “I love myself when I’m thinking this – or feeling that” – whatever comes up. Loving yourself is the first building block of beginning again.

In your quiet, as you love yourself around everything that shows up, know that God is rebuilding the new you. This is a good thing! Express your gratitude. Know that all is well!

At some point, your body will get up and move. You have finished the ritual. This is where you don’t ask twenty million questions about what just happened – about what will happen. Only move in grace – the grace of a soul that has been fully restored.

Modality talk

Ok, let’s talk modalities.

Over the years, I’ve been led to study and practice – briefly at least – more than two dozen modalities. Now, I draw upon my learning as needed to suit each unique healing opportunity. Here’s what it mainly looks like:

I call upon spirits to help with guidance, messages, and direct healing. These spirits include plant and animal spirits, crystal spirits, ancestors, deceased human spirits, and angels.

I learned to move energy with my intention, so I do that.

I communicate directly with the energy of the trouble to find out why it is showing up for you, what it needs, and how to dispense with it.

I listen to your stories. In there I find symbols and metaphors and other clues about your trouble. I may challenge your version of what happened – your story – and I may offer a substitute version or tell my story around the same trouble. Together we heal your dysfunctional stories.

I challenge your beliefs. I don’t trouble you about what you believe, but when a belief is blocking you, I take it on. I may try to show you why it doesn’t work and why it isn’t true, and I may offer an alternate belief of beliefs for you to try.

I use symbols in creative ways to provide tools to help you heal.

I use guided meditation to help you get to peace, and to open connections with spirits here to assist you.

I connect you directly with Nature. Nature has a plan for your healing.

All of this represents my own version of shamanism.

Most powerful of all, I Am love. I love you. I bless you. And I am grateful for and to you.


We’re all stuck. More stuck than we realize. And here’s why: we’ve all been hurt. We’re all in action to stop ourself from being hurt again.

These actions run a wide range – from diversion to denial to fear. And beyond. We are addicted to the actions we use to keep the pain away.

It’s not surprising that these addictions themselves lead to pain. So, we are stuck in the pain of the addictions we use to keep pain away. That’s pretty stuck!

But, there is another way.

Since we’re in pain anyway, why not look at it? Why not take a stab at really seeing it? Why not see if we can make that pain go away?

If we can address the original pain, we can let go of the addictions that keep us stuck.

This is healing.


The strongest force in the universe is Love. Just happens to be a healing force too.

How can you bring Love to your healing today?

Be quiet – always the first step!

Connect with the part of yourself that needs healing attention now. That could be a body part or system – a mental or emotional issue – a situation – or another person causing you trouble. Ask for the connection. Say, I call for an open and clear connection to the big toe nail on my left foot.

When you feel it’s there, say aloud or silently, I LOVE YOU!

You are directing the full force of Love energy to the point of trouble. Believe me: I works!

Then say thank you: Thank you for this gift of healing!

This is energy medicine at it’s simplest, most effective level. Voila!