Life is a dance. If we pay attention to the messages planted in the world around us, and if we learn the lessons encoded in these messages, we move through life with a little more ease and grace.

If we dance blindly, missing our cues, the Universe repeats our messages. In order to be noticed, the Universe increases the volume of our messages – and the pain they bring – until we pay attention.

Troubles and a feeling of stuckness come when we miss our messages, and so do not learn our life lessons. Our work begins here.

Learning to see the messages can be challenging. It requires a shift in perception.

And then there are the lessons! LIfe lessons often take us deeply into the patterns and history of those around us as well as ourselves. Exploring these lessons allows us to remove the blocks that keep us stuck.

It doesn’t matter how you are stuck today – I want you to learn to SEE your situations differently – in ways that empower you to move forward every day!